Born and bred in the Bay Area, Poesia got his name writing wild style pieces before refining his abstract and conceptual style. He's a member of the Transcend Collective and a founder of the Graffuturism group. His mix of contemporary graffiti and historic painting aims to spark conversation about the place of street art in art history and the place of graffiti in academia.

This year, Poesia's really impressed us. You need no other proof than that we named him one of the 25 Most Important Artists of 2012 (So Far). Though you should review his Più Forza Di Guidizio show, one of the best art exhibitions we've seen in recent months.

With those credentials granted, we connected with Poesia to discuss his favorite recent works. Dive in and get to know one of the most talented graffiti artists practicing today.

Portfolio Review: Street Artist Poesia Shares His Favorite Works

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