Bridges are a life essential. Crossing bodies of water and spanning canyons, bridges facilitate movement and also form iconic environmental markers.

Throughout history, bridges have also served to display the latest in technological innovation. The Brooklyn Bridge, opened in 1883 and designed by John Augustus Roebling, wowed globally as the longest suspension bridge and first to employ steel wire. We all know the Golden Gate Bridge too, and of course historically famous structures like Tower Bridge in London.

You won't, however, find those in this list. Cool is less about grandeour and more about "WOW!" Bridges that are made of tree roots, cut through water rather than go above, and have their own fountains. Yeah, that is what we're into right now.

The Erasmus Bridge, shown here and located in Rotterdam, is awesome for its "Swan" pylon. Despite the sculptural quality, not even this beauty made our list.

Read on to find out what did make our list of The 10 Coolest Bridges.

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