Photographers skilled in the art of manipulation create skewed realities that are at once jarring and fascinating. Bizarre imagery and illogical juxtapositions allow for a dream-like world where anything is possible and metaphor is king. Before Photoshop allowed people to bend reality with the click of their mouse, artists like Jerry Uselman and Melvin Sokolsky, both included here, assembled their works of surreal photography by combining, cutting and enlarging multiple negatives in a dark room. While today’s masters of manipulation may have it easy in comparison, they’re still turning out impressive pieces of art that deserve recognition.

We’ve picked 50 of our favorite examples of surreal photography. Click through and try not to hallucinate. Plus, we've added “Dalí Atomicus” by Philippe Halsman for good measure and to introduce our theme.

Check out 50 Sensational Surreal Photographs.

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