After a certain point, two chairs and a ripped poster no longer cuts it as a dope apartment. Interior design doesn't require too much effort, and what little thought and time is required will make the world of difference in your life.

Tumblr can help. If you’re an interior design/decorating junkie you can find a very large group of uses who regularly share inspiring photos of cool homes, apartments, and spaces in general. That said, if you are new to the game, you'll quickly get inspired. 

Out of all the many, many blogs to choose from we’ve picked the 10 that have got us running out to the nearest thrift store or Design Within Reach to find the perfect table or chair.

Think of this as your indispensable road map to interior design Tumblrs.

Written by Kathryn Henderson.

Check out the 10 Best Interior Design Tumblrs.

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