This list is a bit ironic, because while fashion editorials are meant to sell labels' latest seasons and collections, we're naming the Top 10 Hottest Fashion Photos, and many of these images show major names in the modeling world stripping down and stepping out of the clothes they're meant to sell.

Throughout the year, we've kept track of our favorite long-legged women with our regularly updated Models at Work posts, but it wouldn't be right if we let the new year introduce itself without looking back at some of the photos that conjured up a little drool and a lot of lust. The list includes veterans like Erin Wasson and Lara Stone, but we also tell you who to look out for in 2012, with newcomers like Barbara Palvin and Marloes Horst also making the list.

So, turn on Kanye's Christian Dior, and click through to check our Top 10 Fashion Photo picks from 2011. We hope 2012 is just as steamy. 

(all images via Fashion Gone Rogue)

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