Anthony Lister is on the cusp. Of what, we're still not entirely sure. But, Lister is one of those artists with potential to grasp the attention of a mainstream audience.

We've been into Lister for a long time. He's one of our 10 street artist's to watch in 2012. We're also impressed that despite great personal success, he's still down to help promote the cause of other young Australian contemporary artists (see Young & Free). Lister's had solo shows all around the world. He's also completed projects for The Standard Hotel.

Essentially, there is no shortage of Anthony Lister.

Given that, he is perfect fodder for our "Portfolio Review" series. Lister was kind enough to chat with us about a few of his favorite works, giving background and context to his "Hero" project and other memorable works.

Check out the best of Anthony Lister and hear what he has to say about his street art.

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