Born in 1966, San Francisco native Barry McGee has progressed from tagging the streets as Twist to regularly showing in major museums. He attended the San Francisco Art Institute, concentrating in painting and printmaking, and through the course of his career has refined a mixed-media approach to large scale installation. McGee's big break came in 2001, where he exhibited at the Venice Biennial.

Despite this, McGee remained somewhat elusive and resistant to museum exhibition. He cracked eventually, showing at both the Walker Art Center and at the Rose Museum of Art at Brandeis University in 2004.

A decade after his Venice debut, McGee's position in the art world is certainly solidified. Still, he's not lost his street born graphic sensibility. Working under his given name and through a slew of pseudonyms (including Ray and Lydia Fong), McGee's shown around the world and was included in the groundbreaking Art in the Streets at MOCA. Without a doubt, he's a central figure in the renaissance of street art to fine art transition.

In this portfolio review, we look at McGee's most recent gallery and museum installations. Indicative of where he's at now, these show a refinement of his distinct style and provide a clear sense of his winning humor.

Images courtesy of the artist, Ratio 3, San Francisco, Cheim and Read, New York, and Modern Art, London.

Check out Barry McGee's most outstanding work of the last two years.

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