Los Angeles commemorated the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with LA Vs. WAR II, a creative examination of the war on terror. Combining visual and performing arts, the event ran the course of the weekend and included an art show, live music, and panel discussion. The highlight was the art instillation, which included material by Shepard Fairey, Chase, Eriberto Oriol, and a fantastic photographic portrait of rapper MURS.

About LA Vs War II

LA Vs. WAR II is project that will live on past the September 2011 Los Angeles event under the name Vs. WAR. The show will evolve and travel to other cities bringing its unique model of creative resistance and collaboration to other communities. Originally organized out of the Yo! Peace poster show, the first LA Vs. WAR welcomed 6000 attendees and made a national impression.

LA Vs. WAR provides an exhibition platform for art activists to promote unity and education on issues of war, peace and social justice. The show promotes creative expressions from artists that inspire spirits and awaken minds. LA Vs. War uses the power of art as the very means of mobilizing communities to bring about change. Produced and Organzied by Estée Ochoa and John Carr of Yo! Peace.

About John Carr / LA Vs. War Creator & Curator John Carr is an internationally acclaimed artist, designer and curator based in downtown Los Angeles. He is the curator of Yo! What Happened to Peace? a traveling peace/antiwar poster exhibition and editor of a poster art book by the same name. 

Check out the artistic highlights of LA Vs WAR II in the gallery.

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