Don Pendleton, author of our 50 Greatest Skate Logos feature, grew up in Ravenswood, West Virginia. A lifelong skater, Pendleton was introduced to art via his father, a painter in his own right. Beginning on a shop team and eventually landing a full factory sponsorship, Pendleton learned the skate industry from an athletes vantage. Then, after finishing his art degree, he embarked on a full career providing graphics for some of the biggest names in skate. 

Pendleton's held graphic design jobs at Alien Workshop and Element Skateboards. His aesthetic, a refined form of organic cubism, has set the tone for some of the most memorable decks of the last decade. Pendleton's also provided graphics for Burton, Nike 6.0, Oakley, Zero, and many more. 

Our portfolio review features some of the artist's favorite works from recent years. 

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