Interview With Artist 'MADSTEEZ'

Interview With Artist 'MADSTEEZ'


Weenlton Banks

"I just finished this piece last week. The week prior I had a recording session with Jaleel White (Urkel), and Kid n' Play for a Nickelodeon animation that me and my buddy Andrew Schwartz created. I was so inspired by those guys that I had to bring it back to the '90s. I really wanted to do a painting of one of those guys but figured they'd think I was a bit of a stalker, so I went the safe route with Carlton. If someone had told me 20 years ago that I'd be working with Urkel and the guys from House Party doin the pajama jammy-jam, I'd have told them to jump back in their DeLorean and get me a Hover board!"



One Eyed Ween

"I remember this was my first time I had gone out and bought a piece of wood to paint on. Normally I'd just go to construction sites and poach wood. It was also the first big piece I had painted. It was so big that I had to paint it in the family room and my roommate would get so pissed because I would have to block the TV to paint. I'd come home and he'd have thrown the painting in the back yard which was literally the beach. I'd have to brush the sand off every time I wanted to paint again. I think 'roids may have been an issue because one time I came home and my prized '86 turquoise blue GT Performer was hanging 30 feet in a tree. I never was able to get it down." 


Mark The Cobra Weensnake

"I had a lot of fun doing this piece of Mark "Cobrasnake" Hunter. I actually got in a car wreck half a block from his house on the way to shoot him for this piece. He luckily had a crowbar that I used to rip the front end of my car off from my tire so I could drive home. I was originally going to put his Gramps on the painting 'cuz he's 'G, but decided with Blawk He-Man instead." 


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