Interview With Artist 'MADSTEEZ'

Interview With Artist 'MADSTEEZ'

Bill Murween

"The best part about this piece is that it was the backdrop during a FOX morning news show! Rumor has it, Bill has a secret hotline number and it's the only way ANYONE can contact him. You could be Jay Leno or Sofia Coppola, you gotta call the number and leave a message and hope he calls you back. 'Hey Bill, this is MADSTEEZ, I just did a 10 foot nude of you. Get at me!' "


One Eyed Ween Minus One Eye

"I've actually never shown this piece before. I took me over a year and a half to complete start to finish. I've moved it to two separate WEENfaktory's. Before the first move, I double sticky taped it to the wall and really didn't think that over a year of sticking to the wall that it wasn't gonna come off. That bitch literally ripped the entire dry wall off the wall framing. It's probably equally as stuck to the wall now and I've been scared to move it, hence the reason why I've never shown it."

Count Sw!ftula @ Weens!lvan!a

"This was another never-ending piece that took me 622 days. I started right before my son was born and just couldn't finish it. Lots of people think it's of Tom Petty or Nick Cave, but it's of my good friend Swifty. I actually dreamt this scenario of him and had to paint it. I've had half a dozen other dreams I'd like to paint of him and make a series out of. A cool thing about this piece is that the background consists of wall paper from the Russian empire during World War 1. I go through these eBay fetishes like buying PEE WEE Herman merchandise, crotchet blankets, fighter pilot helmets, ect. At that time in my life I spent a year buying wall paper. I have an entire case filled with the sickest wallpaper."



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