Interview With Artist 'MADSTEEZ'

Interview With Artist 'MADSTEEZ'

Mark Paul Deren has an imagination bigger than the large scale paintings he creates. That's why the California-based artist who's known to the world as MADSTEEZ has been captivating the art world as well as brands like NIKE, STUSSY, Boost Mobile, and more. Mark's eclectic personality breaths through each colorful piece he masters. From Dennis Hopper to Carlton Banks, MADSTEEZ's inspiration ranges from personal heros to pop-culture legends. We recently spoke with Mark to hear about his process and discuss his favorite works. Continue reading to hear from MADSTEEZ in his own words. 


As told to Justin Korkidis (@Say_WordYo)


The Many Faces Of Dennis Hopperween

"My piece of Dennis Hopper means more to me than other art piece I've created. He was a huge inspiration to me and to be able to include him in the process was absolutely incredible. I wanted to do a portrait of him the same way he did portraits of his friends and people he was inspired by like Warhol and Lichtenstein." 

"When I was photographing (Dennis) for the piece, he was so interested in who I was and what I had to say. When I unveiled it to him he has the biggest smile on his face that I can still feel to this day." 

"He said the only other pieces he'd know done of him were by Warhol and Schnabel and mine was his favorite. Pretty fuckn' cool, I must say. I will forever be inspired by him. Dennis Hopper, Rest In Power."


Make The Difference

"It's hard to believe that it took 6-months in politics and approvals to prepare for the Make The Difference mural. When I finally got the green light, I had only a six day window to complete! I honestly didn't think it was humanly possible. Since it was on the rooftop, a scissor lift was not an option. I was stuck using this ghetto-rigged pulley system where I had to paint in sections and wasn't able to easily get down to even get a perspective on what I was even doing. To make things even harder, the 8" wide platform I was standing on was tilted at a 25 degree angle with my toes pointing towards the ground. I could hardly move my body after the second day but somewhere along the line I said and pushed through sun up to sun down. On the 6th night, I was able to pour some High Life out a brown bag on the court and celebrate!


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