Game drops his R.E.D. Album today, and while Charles Louboutin breaks down his 25 Favorite Albums, we got to analyzing the history of his iconic face tattoo. While Game has mad ink all over his body, including homages to rap icons like 2Pac, Eazy-E, and Jam Master Jay, it's the spot under his right eye that's garnered plenty of attention — likely due to the changes it's experienced over the years.

Most of his ink is taken care of by his personal artist, KG at 264 Customs, and Game has done a bunch of interviews and videos regarding the meaning behind his facial tattoos. He's often expressed indifference at adding ink to his body: "I forget where these things are man. I'm just writin' on myself. It's my life, I'm gonna do as I feel," he said in a 2007 interview.

We take a look at when each tattoo was spotted, the meaning behind it, what Game's thoughts on it are, and a couple of hits released in the time before he got more work done to it. Check out A Complex History of Game's Facial Tattoos.

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