A History of the 50 Greatest Animated GIFs of All Time

Postmodern/Post-Everything (Endless Handplant)

Then there's the old, "Rad and Repeat" trick. Are we going to melt our Tony Hawk game? It sure feels like it—that is, until we can't hold it anymore and have to go to the bathroom. This is going to be a battle of man against machine... Wait. What? That's 50 GIFs? Damn. We were just getting started. That was fast. Well, as you can see, animated GIFs are everywhere and they're amazing. Dig through the tubes and find some gems—or make your own and set the wires on fires. If you really like them, we've got plenty more so maybe we can do another proper 50 list for you sometime down the road. It's up to you, the commenters. And to the dude who's going to try and bury this on Digg because it's a click-through? Come on man, it was awesome. Let it be. OK. Still not good enough? Fine. How about one more...

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